Cioccolato Couture Dress

​Inspired by a city that runs on star power, the Cioccolato Collection is a ready-to-wear luxury atelier that embodies Miami’s diverse beauty and the sensual nature of the modern woman.  Curated from the high-gloss richness of some of the worlds finest quality fabrics the attention to detail in each piece is easily recognizable. ​The line is designed for she who appreciates quality, comfort, and practicality, but wish to remain both sexy and seductive.  It’s a brand true to its vision – to remain built on artistic excellence, superb craftsmanship, edgy designs symbolizing elegance and the 305’s unique joie de vivre Collection Contains: mermaid dresses, maxi dresses , luxury dresses, celebrity styles, night dresses, sexy prom dresses, silk dresses and more

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