Baccio Couture Gowns and dresses

Fausto Altamirano, the artist, designer and visionary behind his own label and studio Baccio Couture, came to Miami from his native Ecuador alone at 17 yrs old. His mother a Dress Designer for Versace and his father an Architect & Engineer for the City of Miami, Altamirano clearly has art in his DNA. Inspired by his evenings in the Miami nightclub scene, art-deco architecture, vibrant colors and tropical vegetation, he decided to experiment by transforming the wedding dress look into short sexy form fitted South Beach dresses. Soon he was making the luxurious and complex lace patterns out of spandex, styling the new textile into the tight pass form appreciated by the club going girls, dying it exotic colors and applying paint details. He began selling his new concept on the streets of Miami Beach and continued until it became a fashion movement. Collection Contains: black dresses , bridal dresses , colorful dresses, fancy dresses, high-low dresses , homecoming dresses , lace dresses, maxi dresses and more

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